About Meyer

Meyer is a global leader in manufacturing and supplying innovative cookware.

For more than three decades we have been a pioneer in bringing new and relevant products to the market with real benefits and value to consumers.


The foundation of our cookware begins in the factories. Since 1969 we have manufactured all types of cookware.

Our affiliates control the entire process to manufacture innovative cookware. Globally, we produce over 40 million pieces of cookware each year.

Marketing Solutions

We lead the gourmet category in many of the world’s largest consumer markets. From exquisite, handcrafted products to price competitive everyday ranges, we offer brands to suit any consumer.

It is through our comprehensive portfolio and knowledge that we will continue to develop new kitchen innovations for the future.

Innovation and Technology

As a world-class manufacturer of cookware, we are continuously creating innovative products with real benefits and value to consumers.

We have a long history steeped in new innovative cookware products and technologies.

Meyer Global

A global leader distributing in over 30 countries through its extensive collection of affiliates.

Meyer UK

An affiliate of Meyer Global, we are the UK’s largest supplier of top quality kitchenware.

Meyer Europe

Working to raise the profile and reach of Meyer within the EMEA region.