Our Mission and Values

Our mission: To provide an enjoyable culinary experience for everyone.

Our Values


We strive to achieve people, process, product and service excellence.


We always do the right thing. We are honest and straightforward with each other.


We place great value on technology and innovation as cornerstones of how to win in the marketplace.


We work closely together with mutual support across departments, companies and geographies.

Continual Improvement

We have a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo. We continually identify new areas for learning and improvement.

Customer Satisfaction

We deeply understand the needs of internal and external customers, and meet or surpass their expectations.

Our Recipe for Success

Innovation and Technology

First and foremost, Meyer is a world class manufacturer of cookware, creating innovative products with real benefits and value to consumers.

Manufacturing and Sourcing

The foundation of our cookware begins in our factories. Since 1969 Meyer has manufactured all types of cookware, controlling the entire process through our affiliates.

Marketing Solutions

Collectively, our products lead the gourmet category in many of the world’s largest consumer markets with its extensive portfolio of brands.

Consumer Insight

We constantly work to increase our customer focus by developing and understanding local culinary cultures and through new partnerships with retailers.

Continuous Investment

We will continually seek new cookware innovations that improve customer satisfaction in the kitchen by developing a greater understanding of their requirements, trends and respect for their culture and traditions.