In Kind Direct

To date, In Kind Direct has made a powerful impact through the distribution of £185 million worth of surplus goods donated by 1,000 companies to 8,800 charities.

Meyer Group made its first donation to In Kind Direct in 2007.

Since then we have donated an estimated £600,000 worth of products for distribution to 1,772 charities and voluntary organisations working in the UK and abroad, helping thousands of people every year.

In Kind Direct is a lifeline to thousands of charities helping vulnerable people across the UK, allowing them to spend more of their money on support, not supplies. One of the charities benefiting from those products is Dostiyo-Asian Women & Girls Organisation – Northampton:

“We support women who have to start from scratch. If they are fleeing their home because of domestic violence, we are often the only port of call to re- build their lives. Items such as Prestige pan sets and Prestige mugs sets are not only vital, but without In Kind Direct we could never afford to give out such good quality, branded items.”

Deepa Bakrania, Manager

In 2017 Meyer Group received an award for their long-standing support at In Kind Direct 20th Anniversary Recognition Awards.

We also affirmed its support of In Kind Direct by signing the Join the Product Giving Manifesto alongside 20 other donor companies. We encourage fellow manufacturers and retailers to donate their new, surplus products to In Kind Direct for distribution to UK charities to help millions of people in need.