The Essence of Anolon: Designed for creativity in the kitchen.


Anolon is for the creative home chef who wants cookware with exceptional craftsmanship and cutting edge designs, to aid their culinary passion.

They appreciate the technology and features of the products, which provide the perfect tools in the kitchen.

And because their passion means they’ll really be putting this cookware through its paces, customers value the durability and performance delivered by the heavy gauge construction and superior materials guaranteed for a lifetime.

The Anolon commitment to quality gourmet kitchenware began in 1984. Recognising that home cooks exploring the possibilities of creative cooking desired versatility and convenience, Anolon met those needs with the first hard-anodised, smooth-interior non-stick cookware, formally launching in 1989. As the years turned to decades, Anolon has remained a gourmet kitchenware leader.

Heading into our next twenty-five years, we remain dedicated to continually creating and upgrading our gourmet kitchenware products with similar imagination and innovation.


Who is the Anolon consumer?


Reasons to believe in Anolon


Loved by professional gourmet chefs

Premium quality and materials

Innovative features for exceptional performance and cutting edge design

Versatile for use on all hob types

Lifetime guarantee